Princess Ninja

Written by: Johnny Sumler

"To know beauty is to know life and death"

Passing wind while gliding through the forest trees, her sword
reflected sun-beams on the potpourii of cherry blossoms,
illuminating the moss of pink and white petals that painted
natures lawn; a colorful carpet of fragrant flowers.
Coming into the cool breeze of sundown,
evenings back-ground outlined her white dress,
shifting and sailing abroad vibrant constellations of nights candle-lights,
soon to return her lively victim to a distant place before birth.

Near the black waters of the moons well in the after hour,
I waited silently for her footsteps to surface the salt-smeared sands.
Not knowing her eyes were behind me,
jaded thoughts traveled through my penetrated spine,
as I ascended into adjectives of afterlife.

Johnny Sumler
Write It Deep And Dramatic, Please