Samauri, Back in the Saddle

Written by: Richard Pickett

Brick had seen his share of hospitals 
and had been to Saint Cecelia's more than once,
on occasion, a perp would get banged up
you know, during an arrest... on occasion!

He was just waiting for the X-Ray results
before he made his way home, but he had
to make a couple of calls after he got kicked loose.
First he had to make a call to Bill Lipton,
one of the suits from the 31st had seen him at the hospital

Now it seems that Bill's Lieutenant was leanin on Bill,
guess his Captain was runnin for some office and was
afraid to have one of his boy's involved in the
Shadow vigilante case, in case it didn't get solved
and tarnish his record, Like I would ever let a case go cold! 

The second call, was gunna be to a pretty Blond 
by the name of Erika La Plant, an EMT who gave him 
her number in the bus on the way to Saint Cecelia's 
But first.....Brick! the Doctor said as he entered the ER room
look's like you have a couple of bruised ribs there.

Just keep them wrapped up for a couple of weeks
or so, and you'll be fine, if you take it easy that is,
But I spoke with a Sgt. Lipton when they brought you in 
and he said you were kind of stubborn and rough on yourself
so it might take a little longer, try not to get into any more fights!

Ok Doc! You got it! Can I go now? Yes Brick you can go!
here are your discharge orders, and a prescription for something
for the pain, I suggest you get it filled, you'll need it!
within a wink of an eye Brick found a phone and called 
the Cowboy, the phone only rang once, Hello Bill Lipton here!

Hey Cowboy, I hoped I'd catch you, think you could come
get me, and give me a lift home, so I can get my car?
I may have a date later! Who would that be with Brick?
oh let me guess! the blondie from the bus , right?
Her name is Erika Billy Boy, and yep, that's the one!

Oh hey! what's this I hear your Boss is up your
keester about our Black clad ole buddy? 
You ain't thinkin about pullin a runner on me are ya?
Now just hold on to your suspenders pardner! I ain't 
a goin no where's we got us a score to settle with our
ole pal. I'm on my way...Click..the phone went dead.........

  We're back in the Samauri Saddle, Watch for Robert Dufresne's reply..