Chance Encounter

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

Walking down the avenue working on some things that are
on my mind, starting to wonder if I'm just wasting my 
time. Feeling pretty lonely not sure what to do, when I 
spotted this lovely Lady just coming into view. She was 
different than anyone that I had ever knew. She had an
amber glow from her head down to her toes, I wondered
if there is something wrong with my eyes or was it just my
state of mind. Two blocks away walking straight towards me,
my eyes locked on her like I was mezmerized, As she got closer
my mind was racing thinking what should I do, feeling very shy
hopeing a clue would drop on me form out of the sky.

Now she was only three feet away, georgeous azure eyes 
glanced my way, I stood there with my mouth open, couldn't
think of one thing to say. She gave me the brightest smile
that I have ever seen, brightened up the sky and everything that
you could see at least for a mile, such a surreal scene. She 
reached out and gently touched my face, then she simply 
vanished without a trace. My heart was racing shipping some
beats, then I realized an Angel had just touched me on my
face. I felt better than I've felt for oh so many years. I felt so fine
it blew my mind had no clue of what was on my mind. Whistling
a happy tune I walked on down the avenue wondering
If I'll ever see her again, sure hope I do.