A Wet Weekend

Written by: Sharon Tideswell

Water, water everywhere
running down the walls
and dripping through the ceiling
like the darned Niagara Falls.
The carpet is all sodden
but really, if you please,
I draw the line at paddling
unless it’s in the seas.

I never liked the wallpaper,
though here comes the ‘BUT’,
until I have some money
I had hoped it might stay put
for just a little longer,
and then there is the smell
of damp that’s getting stronger,
like an ancient, musty well.

And what about my ironing,
I left it in a pile
at the bottom of the stairs
for just a little while,
but now it’s mixed with plaster
and shades of rust and grey.
I guess that ought to teach me
to do it right away.

How plans can all be washed away
along with precious things
and how we never can predict
just what the next day brings
It’s not what I imagined
when at the forecast’s end
the weatherman so calmly said
‘expect a wet weekend’

A weekend of clearing up after my header tank overflowed :(