' SHUT '

Written by: jun-jun villanueva

~*~ ================= " I LOVE YOU, even if you don't mind ... " mouth are kept shut eyes overflowed with myriad driblets of tears no words came out no single phoneme is heard "QUIESCENCE" ~~~ filled the cage of our "LINKAGE" this feeling of passion and love this heart overlaid with warmth this mind crowded with your "NAME" this being subjugated by your "SMILES" but until now, I am still in SILENCE because until now, "YOU" and "I" can't be together ... "YOU and I are walking in different trodden paths of LOVE" ... and still until now, "YOU and I are running in opposites" ... ~~~ how I wish, I can say this HEARTSTRINGS jailed in my deepest "ME" ~*~ ============================================= *-* jun-jun villanueva