Dear mother

Written by: Sahitya Poonacha

Dear mother
Why do you bother,
So much about us?
Why do you fuss?

I know I'm going somewhere
I know you're worried how I'll do there
But I assure you I'm coming back home
You're not getting rid of me that easily mom

You've taught me so much in so many years
You've watched me grow and led me through my fears
But always remember I'm ever so grateful 
Ever so grateful for a mother so wonderful

So as I stand here all packed and ready to go
You cry as if there's no tomorrow
You keep my hand in a strong hold
You tell me to always be bold

Don't mother, don't cry
I promise you this isn't goodbye
I'm coming back
I'll come back with my back-pack on my back

So lovely mother,
Don't bother
Smile for me, just a bit
For I'll be back before you know it.