wake up

Written by: malika turner

Now you say you wana fight oh I see,
You don't like how you dude is flirting with me,
Have you ever stopped to question why he do,
Like maybe what's the difference between me and you,
You get jealous when he flirts,
so you wear little skirts,
Throw on a lot of make up and wear slutty shirts,
Excuse my language but you think that'll help,
For a boy you are willing to destroy yourself,
In the end your confidence n respect will go down,
And you'll be fighting every girl in town.
Think highly of yourself and wake up from this dream.
You think he's after sex but he see better in me.
He know it won't happen because I was taught better,
He know books and goals for me are what matters,
So babygirl I'm not sayin you're any kind of names,
But that's all they're gona see if you don't change,
So girl wipe your eyes and carry on home,
change your ways because you have a Queen to show :)