and the word is:

Written by: Gina Young

A dream. To lie upon the moist ground. 
And to feel. What planets feel. 
A vision. I lie to everyone who speaks. 
Just to know. What u must know. 
She's got a fate that reminds her of a past that reminds me of everyday here without u. 
This is all just heresy. 
This is all just rhetoric. 
An undue reference for the things we couldn't show. 
A pregnant absence; for the things we will never be. 
Every page of every bible, koran, talmud, library book, nursery rhyme, journal, autobiography, bedtime story. 
Every pain, shock, flower, day, night, truth, lie, fairy tale and astrological chart. 
All the rage, jealousy, bitter biting heart, cold and faith and fraudulent shadows baring down. 
All the new ones and all the old ones, addictions and compulsions, obsessions and chaos. 
I dream. I feel. I lie my back against the cold, moist earth. 
And I feel. What u had to have felt. 
In the last days. In your last dreams. 
I place my hand against the empty, staring sky. 

And I know. 
If I push my little insignificant finger away from the star its holding onto
It will all be traced right back to u

And the WORD is: mother