He Loves Me Not

Written by: Gina Young

Your best friend spoke your name today That is when I moved my eyes to the floor Weve got unfinished business now You tell me you love me, you say you dont remember Go on love, go home to your son go to your guitars, your job, your wife I will be here alone, in my bedroom Finding my island, dreaming of you All day long I move through my memories as I walk past your favorite bar, the places weve met (the place we once made love) And I come home alone, lonely, lonely Then I look for you. Weve got loose ideas about love, baby Because you tell me you love me, I know you dont remember (and Im not smiling anymore) My friends, they come and they go away again They tell me that its wrong. They tell me that its right. My head is swimming. My heart is pounding. And Im still in love with you tonight.