I tried to paint you

Written by: Maya Kaabour

I tried to paint you,
like they did the Mona Lisa.
But the pain in your eyes
was far too real.

Almond shaped wells of tears.

I tried to paint you,
but the colors on my palette failed me
like they always do.

I only think of you in shapes and shades that never dared to exist.

I walked the line and tried to
change you,
re-arrange you, 
soften your edges,
and remove the smudges.

But even Dorian Gray gave me the stink-eye from his frame.

Who could dare and paint you?

Interpret your dimensions..
Sketch your subtle movements..
Measure the limits at which
your world expands..
Speculate the details 
on the back of your hands..

Who could ever dare to pick up a brush
and paint the world?
Paint it as it disguises itself as the sun
The sun that watches you 
from a window-pane
While your sleepy eyes close and open
in a thousand ways.

I tried to paint you
Frame you
But all that is left of these attempts 
are empty canvases
hung on the walls in my head.