The Still Darkness

Written by: Michael Todd

The still darkness
closes in on me,
it envelopes me
so much so that I feel
I am part of a big nothing,
just isolated and totally alone.

I know this is not true,
I am part of something,
I am connected to God and you.
How horrible it would be
to live in a real nothing nightmare,
to always be separated from loved ones.

But I snap out of this by reaching into my mind
pulling memories of you close to my heart
and letting your love save me, again.
You'll never know how many times
you've saved me with only the hope of your love,
tonight is no different in the still darkness.

Were you here next to me
I would show you again
how much I love you
and how big a part of me you are,
but, sleeping in this stillness
is what I have to do, for now.