Written by: E.J. Smith

You're everything I wanted
Everything I need
You are so beautiful to me.
                              Joe Cocker

She was a scruffy little thing
An undernourished, pale wisp of a child
Never quite recovered from two bouts of pneumonia
Before she was a year and a half old.
Her mommy said,
"I never knowed she was sick til the neighbor told  me
To take her to the doctor."
Her face was always dirty
And her white hair looked as if
She had stuck her tiny finger into an electrical outlet.
She cried continuously for her mommy,
Who had not bothered to wean her from the breast
Before sending her to the free day care across the street.
I looked, and found, deep inside this fragile waif
An inner strength and beauty
And for the first time in my life, I knew
The true meaning of love.