Cat Food Bandits

Written by: Gina Young

Every night at 2 a.m., I do this;
I fill an empty butter bucket(3lb) with food
dry, crunchy, smelly, high calorie, fatty cat food.
It leads to adventures I just dont want to miss.
I turn on the bright light above my back door,
I sneak out into the night, with my curiousity and smile.
I love this small bit of mischief, just wait til I get it on file!
Every night this ritual leaves me wanting more.
I throw down a splattering of food, clink, crash, plop.
All of my strays come running, dashing round all corners of the house.
Wanting fed, they move so brashly, so clumsy, quickly as if for a mouse.
Little funny noises from their mouths, crunch, smack, chomp.
I spend a little time, petting while they let me...
And I am also just waiting, just biding my time.
As I wait for my bandits to act out their little crime.
Ten minutes may pass, and Ive given the signal, Im ready.
I go back inside as noisy as I like, and I wait.
Through my peephole I peek, soon enough out of the undergrowth,
comes a wee little possum,raccoon, or skunk, one or three or both.
I laugh to myself; my little bandits now have their cherished bait.