Lonely Goodbye

Written by: Chandelle Bird

I have faith in everything I do, and I had hopes for me, and you.

I have wishes that may never come true, and I had dreams of something new.

Times have changed and so have I, maybe its best we say goodbye.

Although I love you this just isn’t fair, with all that has happened it’s so hard to see you care.

I may seem uneasy, and maybe even sad, I just can’t help but wonder why did it get this bad?

You rarely say you love me, which hurts me most of all, and it doesn't seem to matter, when and if I fall.

You pushed me away, which wasn’t surprising but you did it in spite, without realizing.

I tried to make it work, but it failed just as fast, and things like I love you never seemed to last.

I have prayed for happiness, love and joy, but instead I only feel like your little toy.

The pain I feel will never die, for you have fed me your final lie.

Instead of dreaming for the impossible, I must believe I am unstoppable.

I am not just a pretty face I am the one you should’ve embraced.

The moment has come and this is done, for only time can heal this lonely one.