Frantic beam

Written by: Laura Mckenzie

When we meet your grip will wildly caress me
I feel you pulsing through me, with your wicked arms burning upward
I wait for you imaging, wishing, and dreaming while listening to the silence of the moon
Ghosts of spun echoes bruising my mind inside out
Drunken circles creek and pool from my fingertips
Water pours from my soul, tears of salt from my eyes rush to the sea
Hush stillness, I can hear you coming fast
At the back of my heels making my heart cascade
Weathering soles shadow me by the hour to the unrelenting path of tomorrow
Woven hard in a knotted maze
Dangling my gate to a freeze
Hidden innocence loomed slow, then seized
Sweating delight praise the heavens warm glance
He is deep in the moment shrouded in a beam