Mental breakout

Written by: Ryan Jackson

Walking down a street alone
a few things come across me
surrounding gardens all acquired perfectly
flowers blooming
happy dog running
smiling people with no heads all friendly.
Much distance behind me now where I fairly took my leap of freedom
they must be wondering where I am now.
So better pick up the pace
sanity of the world is appealing to me
much reasons to be walking cheerfully.
But the fresh air does seems dirty
flowers now seem dead
dogs looking more aggressive
people with no heads are not around any-more.
I'm scared!
What can I do to getaway from this insane world?
Can't go back
drugs are to weak for me
better start running
run to that world where sanity was my pleasurable freedom
run away to that world where all seems to be clear through the fog
Get to that world where people smile again with no heads!