Hungarian festival

Written by: karl marszalowicz

"Hungarian Festival"
Pro bono bands gradually allure the crowds
Their effort is unmatched while working unique instruments
To make people understand where they came from 
Let us not forget our many predecessors as they sing
About the land beyond our own

Loud speakers tantalize throughout the day 
A foreign and beautiful demonstration of national pride
Adorned in gowns and bonnets of floweresque appearance
Little girls dance about in the street displaying lessons they were taught
Cute little sensations build the fantasy and wisp so many away

To a place they never knew of others and their founding roots
A new experience teaches newcomers that their world is not the only one
Where a rich culture runs flamboyant, it is a rare chance to shine
Spices in the air fill ones nose with enchanting scents from every food station
Dishes of colbasse and saur kraut put together with loving care
The dilemma of so many is because their stomachs are only so big

But good spirits will come not from a cup but from the heart
As good people try tirelessly to share themselves with others 
The museum evokes a thoughtfulness for the furniture and paintings
Century old representations that the Hungarians were always clever
Sculpted pottery of undecided interpretation warm you up for the air blown glass
These people are to envy for a world outside our own
They are bountiful and harmonious and plentiful
An inspiration to make our own contribution 
We should all be as complete as them