Written by: Moses Ombuge

By Ombuge Moses

The river is dry
Plant weathered
Dry for wood
Wood for fire
The ground dusty
Bear feet women weak
Children loud cry
Wail in pain
Music has stopped
Dance no more
Rhythmic lost

The animal is carcass
Dead bonny no meat
Birds try walk
Fly is difficult
Dust in the eye
Ear too deaf
The wings no flap
Flap no flip
The strength is gone
The ground burning

The wind too hot
The rhythm is new
Dust in the eye
Shed under tree
In blanket men sleep
Covered to head
The strength is gone

Wood in plenty
Food not to find
Cooking is history
In books to write
Plate in plenty
Metallic is best
Awaits the food
Dust in the eye
Painful to the eye
The people suffer
My village is home
Home to thatches
Home that houses
Houses of a problems

The river is dry
The strength is gone
Dust in the eye
Birds try walking