Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

The roses smell so sweetly
Behind the picket fence
The grass is rich and green,
It gives off a fresh cut scent.

The lilacs are in full bloom
The veranda has been swept,
One glance the eye can see
How well the garden has been kept.

The shadow in the window
Shows an old, but gentle soul,
I heard she took up residence
Not too long ago.

No one seems to know
How she keeps her home alive,
There is never any outside help,
And not a soul stops by.

She enjoys her solace
Each and every day,
She was seen one time at midnight
I heard a neighbour say.

As they watched her in the moonlight
They say it gave them chills,
For she was intently speaking
To someone upon the hill.

I heard she turned quite beautiful
As the moon shone down so bright,
To me there isn't any doubt
To whom she spoke that night.

I'm told she's still in good health,
Roses bloom on her window sill,
And I think she owes it all
To her friend UPON THE HILL......

Lynn Barany