I walk into my shadow

Written by: Moses Ombuge

By Ombuge Moses

I leave
Shadow to guide
My destination blared
My vision mission stopped
Holding is the purse
Inside a book
For now, I read not
A boy shaking at heart
Memory to my Granny

Care from my Granny
Lovely she was
For father never known
Fatherly I missed
Family never known
My hope dead Granny
Forever to miss
The wind blew
Shadow to guide
The book to carry 
Wisdom in hand
People turn bush
Civil no more

My shadow, black dark
Blood red
Book white
Cover brown
Pen blue
Teacher gone
Gone to death
Lovely she was
Slum, life miserable
House burned 
Chaos to maintain
Walking to my shadow
Hope to wisdom
Education to peace
Peace lacks death centre
Butcher it sounds
Knife to slaughter
Human too salty 
To dump and rote

I leave
Shadow to guide 
I walk into my shadow
Inside a book