Sky Rage

Written by: Swairik Das

The awaited bedimmed evening
Was foretold by the clouds rolling in,
We pelted along the herded streets
Fending the storm that was coming.
One perceived the aftermath peace
I queried the realism that was bracing,
One assured the isolated inconsequence 
None retrieved the agone serenity. 
The sky grew heavily with agglomerating clouds
Blusters of flames sparkled along with rapid fury,
In pain and fear, so many hands extended for a prayer
Fending the storm that was outraging.
Around them amassed the shadow of malefic wind
They turned up their white pale face,
In this hovering ambience breaking the solitude
They bade for the pacific dominance.
The courtesy was heard by their divine faiths
Pouring down the tears with biding pains
The consequence was allayed by the aftermath peace
And the sweetness aired to ease their breaths.
I wondered the realism that was uniting
Laughing, playing and dancing by the bygone bedimmed evening
That was foretold by the clouds disappearing
I still queried the peace after the storm,
why not before it?