Written by: Green Trees

Broken on the inside, 
Dripping ink, leaking curses from my fingertips,
Thoughts bleed my mind, trickling down to my heart as poison
Words so sharp, cut like razorblades
Leaving scars among everything I've ever loved
Break me down slowly
Piece by piece you separate 
Find what's buried beneath 
For what is here, there are no promises
As everlasting winds carry away the remains of what is left from this
Empty flesh before you can close your eyes
Drifting slowly to the core of this rotten war
Will you rise when you hear the sirens ring?
Will you fall once they tell you that you cannot win?
This life, were all just living
On the inside, out
Turn the sun around
A sheet of darkness covers the world,leaving us cold
I choke upon these razorblades,
So sorry that I've hurt you,
Let this heart heal