8 minutes

Written by: Green Trees

Diamonds scrape the surface of my skin
Leaving cuts that shine red ruby blood that follows
So addicting, beauty, what lies beneath us all
We search for this illusion
You stand an illusion yourself
Ticking time bombs rest at the bottom of this bodiless ocean
Take me higher, rising to the surface, waves crash, changes pull me under
Over and over I fall, over and over I fall
Like it's never happened before
I breathe in this water you call death
I'm surrounded by a sea that forever drowns
Even the moon couldn't pull me from this current
And I wait, I wait
At the bottom of this ocean
Apathy, oh apathy, no hate, just apathy
We all fall down
Now seeing blue skies
Open me up, breathe me in
My lungs full of smoke,
Breathe me in, I'll take you higher
Pull me out, I'll take you higher
I am yours to keep,
Take me higher