Denying creation

Written by: Green Trees

Insecurities reflect from every ray the sun has laid upon us,
I lye here in times of desperation
Hoping this hour passes me by without notice
Your aura surrounds me
Pulling me in closer
Toward the spark that might kill us all
Resisting my own
Nowhere to run
Your stare drags me down
Feet never touched level ground
Lies bounce off the wall I've built around me
You'll never reach the distance you plead
While you're standing in the midst of creation
Why can't you do something about it
Come closer, toward further away
My feet have never left your grounds
I'm sinking,slow down
It would take a hurricane to pull me from the ground
But I'd still be stuck in the eye of the darkest growing cloud
The ashes floating, past point of creation
Below the line of certainty, 
My heart continues to bleed further from this town
Like a raincloud caught in the eye of the storm
Like a feather flying from doubt
Please return my heart to me
Take me out to sea