Malign Nascence

Written by: Swairik Das

When I chance to meet the lifeless streets
The darkness brightens my individuality,
With the weeping breeze that passes over
The onliness ceases my verity.
I come to know myself as a shipwrecked survivor 
The illusionism forebodes my ingenuity,
Being with the eluded moonlit that hide behind
The secrecy revives my divinity.
Thence I ensure the crowd in the celestial sky
The brightness condemns my dignity,
With the drifting clouds pouring out
The anomy confines my integrity.
I see myself as a blamed mortal
The paradisal itinerary fated my sole entity,
Being with the pursuit of quiescence
The holy trinity pursued my purity.
Now when I chance to meet the crowded street
The resurgence evinced my immortality,
Being with the gracing rays of the day
The nascence bestowed my inhumanity.
Thence I ensure the lifeless streets in tartarean land
The grievance demoed my tolerability,
Being with the inherent demesne
The eternity unveiled my anxiety.