The Invasion PT1

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

They hovered above, in an awe of absolute silence.
One would expect them to make a noise, as they changed shape, defying all human science.
Nothing like how the movies portray them to be,
You know a saucer shape with that familiar humming sound we always hear and see.
No, they had an extraordinary solid metallic composition,
That defied reasoning as they also, look like a watery substance in their transition.
Their outer shell if you can call it that, shone like a brilliant white light,
Yet without illuminating its surroundings, however, it hurt ones eye sight.
There were hundreds of them reported floating all over the world’s skies,
Watched in awe by every person’s eyes.
The answer to whether there is life out there
Brought a sense of death that caused a feeling of panic and despair
Nevertheless, people stood there, looking up, as if rooted to the ground
With this hypnotic stare, or as if trying to will the things to make a sound
Then as if dripping out of the main ship were smaller round spheres
That brought on  people’s worst fears...