Written by: Oluwatomisin Oyegoke

What would I do if I was slapped by a stranger?
I’m terribly, strongly, dealt with by hunger
Would accept help from someone much younger
If you do not know these answers 
Why do you claim you know me?
Who would I call if I need advice?
I fall sick to help out and be my nurse
To liven my day adding some spice
Cook for me, even if it’s just rice
You don’t know, so why do you think you do?
What do you think are the answers to these questions?
My best friends, foods, subjects, favorite colors
What about my siblings, parents, my cousins
No? You don’t know
So why do you claim you know?
What did you think I would say?
That I am in this game you want to play
I just know definitely not in this day
Having the liberty, so if I may
The last on this I want to say
Why do you claim you know me?