Only For You

Written by: Bruce Chhetri

Lying on the bed and proceeding into the world of dreams It is difficult to forget memories as easy as it seems Reminiscing all these memories in short period of time Assured am I, my memories are accompanied with smile. Pages are filled with your faces while turning the book It makes me search my album and give a short look Looking at you tears doesn’t come in my eyes But if you believe me my heart is the one who always cries. Departing us oh God in this stage why did you bring? If pasts were present you could see in me joys of spring. Seconds are turning into minutes, hours, years for me Oh the future devil who separated us, sometimes angels you be. Patience I have lost and I am getting weak In this moment mercy on me, my dear I seek You are my life whom how much I miss I cannot say You are my everything and without you a single second I cant stay.