Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

I noticed him across the room
In the cafe where I sat,
I knew I'd seen him many times
I was sure of that.

I sat there very quiet
I didn't want to stare,
I knew he was familiar
As I watched him sitting there.

I turned my gaze away from him
And looked out on the street,
There in front of the cafe
Parked a cadillac in pink.

I could over hear him order
With a southern kind of drawl,
The waitress was quite nervous
I knew she was in awe.

He asked for a simple sandwich
Peanut Butter I heard him say,
With slices of banana
Would really make his day.

As he turned his gaze toward me
I could almost hear him say
"Please keep my litttle secret
For at least another day".

A song came on the jute box
I couldn't even talk,
The song was not a love song
The song was "Jail House Rock"

He walked over to my table
And said "I think you understand
Who you think I might be
Is not really who I am."

As he turned to leave the cafe
In his leather suit so tight,
He told me to enjoy my meal
And to have a pleasant night.

As he got into his cadillac
with his rings of shiny gold,
I knew exactly who he was...
The King of Rock and Roll.

Lynn Barany