Written by: Annalee Pierce

You might have never known it But once upon a time You And I were equals, without giving Our ranks a single sliver Of our thoughts Now called to my attention, I'm unsure Of the things that I could Say To make you feel like you're superior Better than I ever could Be Just once, you'd like to win, but Can't you see I'm not Competing? I lay my sword down long ago, The one they placed inside My hand You reach out again and stab me It's not the first time You've Broken the illusion of a truce But dear, don't you recall I'm Not the one who hurt you So please try not to blame me Because I'm not sure what I did To be raised upon this throne of Shame while you were thrust Beneath The gallows and forced to try and Live I might be their favorite, but Please never forget That I am just one half of you Without you, I would not Be here