Under the Banyan

Written by: Tahera Mannan

“ memory is my journal, that I carry around with me always”

No tiny doves fluttered in the air
There was peace everywhere...
The call of the peacock in the woods
Breaking the mighty stillness that broods
And I under the banyan keep’’’
Company to the shadows that sleep
**Only a soft drowsy humming
    From the timid pond is coming
Oh it is the giant bumble bee~~
All bedaubed resplendently
With yellow wings against the black ground^^^
Each stripe not large, not thin nor round
    Into the sunlight higher and higher
    It’s wings catching the sun’s fire”’
Until it rested on the chosen flower**
The grateful petals danced in their forest bower
 ++ The beauty of this long forgotten day
       Gladdens my heart all the way...

By Tahera Mannan
For Constance’s “ A poem, please” contest