Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

In her hands she held it
This heart of solid gold,
She'd worn it every day
Even when she'd turn so old.

Her wrinkled little hands
Stroked the precious heart,
She'd loved the man who gave it
Had loved him from the start.

She should have been a beauty
Just to be with him,
Maybe his eyes were fading
With age they were growing dim.

She looked into the mirror
But quickly turned away,
Where did all her youth go
When did her beauty fade.

Again she stroked the precious heart
And said a silent prayer,
If I could have one wish
It would be that you still care.

With my naked body
I come to you with love,
Please don't turn away from me
Because I'm no longer young.

I still have the passion
And come to you in dark,
With this chain around my neck
Which holds my golden heart.

Lynn Barany