Early One Morning

Written by: Jemmy Farmer

I watched as the last star of night faded out
And sunlight filtered over the distance
The horizon simmering on amber seas
I watched from the shore.

The gentle ripples of dawn tide awaken
A sleeping world and here on the silent beach
My hushed eyes observed the rainbowed unicorns
As they came to play.

Tentative hooves tasting the chill of the sea
As sparkling silver horns enraptured my gaze
While frolicking in my vision unaware
Of my staring eyes.

The magical realm of a unicorn dream
Cantering over sands of reality
A sweet cornucopia of illusion 
I could clearly see.

Sprites deftly weaving garlands in flowing manes
Enhancing the serene ethereal beauty
That gazed out from within your liquid brown eyes
Had I then been seen?

My fingers reached out gently into your dream
To slowly caress smooth satin rainbow hair
And touched briefly the regal silver spiral
Your imperial crown.

Your soft quivering muzzle whispered a breeze
And I was enchanted by magical sighs
Taking me to a world where I longed to be
I saw in your eyes.