Inner Child

Written by: John Castro

in the deepest recesses of my heart lies an innocent child filled with fear full of despair, afraid of the mile he's been lied to decieved and misguided and his fears and emotions he does hide it he fears the world in all its iniquities and the challice runneth over since the days of antiquity the stoic progeny whom lies in the depths of my soul can only relfect the darkness that lingers within for he has been the incumbent occupant the disembodied scholar of sorrow entrapped in a landscape of sin but as my heart grows darker the image of the child fades into perdition and the holistic journey of life becomes insuperable as the psyche finds itself in a catankerous battle of subconscious submissions the will of the inner child manifests his cries through the conscious corridors of the mind and the release of emotions that hindered the heart flow like sweet nectar from a bottle of wine we forgive others to forgive ourselves so that the hinderance that was placed on our shoulders is now placed on the shelves as the darkness of the heart is exposed to the light the child that once feared the dark is no longer a creature of the night for only the shepard calls to his sheep one out of ninety nine the spotless the meek redeemed is the child who suffers the path saved is the soul who is warned of the wrath