Written by: Black Shadow

Heavenly sent soul,
Not so heavenly after all,
Yesterday seemed a cliche at the time,
But now you crave it,
where things seemed the same for a while,
You never thought it would slip into something else,
You've got them one by one,
You thought you'd never lose any of them,
At the time, you had no clue of life,
After all the damage you've went through,
You broke into small little pieces,
For a while,you couldn't pull your self up straight,
You were sent out there in a cold deserted place,
With some heavy wounds to carry,
At first, you slept on the wooden floor,
Breathing in the air you missed for days,
Wrapped in confusion, 
wish you had your exit by then,
Now, you're freed,
From the pain you've always dream to drive away,
You can now see colors clear,
Your mind ain't holding weights anymore,
Your heart is whisking strength,
If I were you,
I would give myself a break,
Till life breaks in again,
And take that peace of mind.