What he turned out to be

Written by: karl marszalowicz

"What He Turned Out to Be"
He who was a head banger  
Idolized man a with too much make up on 
And danced around a room cram packed with decibels  
Playing one of many lavish air guitars there was an infinite supply of them 
Maybe he was that person, as he saw himself in a poster
Some suspect any other influence would've been better
Instead choosing to fall under the power of notes 
Succumbing to the concerts and the chaos 
There are clusters of bodies bouncing by the thousands
Music made him dive headlong into waters of similar people
Harmonious spells they are, encouraging joyous times of irresponsibility 
Rocking to his rhythmic beat and the life style of rock star entertainment
A man center stage feels his own groove
He himself swaying to the thumping and bumping 
The entertainer know his songs all too well
And the head banger asks for more late into the night
How can the man on stage deny?
Calls for certain songs are indulged 
The event must end sometime 
A reminder most fans matter not so much, their loyal doth fade
But forget this one not, as the man who is a groupie