Written by: Paul Beadnall

    Second Chances
Her heart is broken, his leaving unbearable,
 her world is a fog, that she can't see through. 
His heart is aching, her soul is frozen, all she wants is to see through the sadness. 
The endless pit she's falling for, how long will this yearning last? 
She wish's that her heart was made of cast,
 to shield her from the fire burning deep within.
Will she ever be free from his shadows? Will she ever learn how to love again? 
Waiting as she takes those first steps to a new journey.
The winters come and the summers pass by,her life redirected along comes a guy. 
Her walls are up, so cautious for release,treating it carefully and longing for peace. 

by cory long and Paul Beadnall
for grab a mate and collaborate contest