Written by: Paul Beadnall

Count Dracula a haunting figure, through centuries alike desending on Whitby,an eerly thought, also a shuddering fright between my hometown Middlesbrough, and the seaside port the 199 steps to the abbey dwells a frightening thought Holidaying in Whitby, many times in our youth the tails of the night stalker,petrifyingly uncoath tucked up at night, a feeling of surreal Dracula would hound the streets, lives for the steal Preying on the vulnerable,gaining all their trust attacking unexpectedly,for blood that is a must his black cloak, gaunt profile,terrifying vitality protruding teeth over over ruddy lips, so remarkably The Transalvanian terroriser, 400 years ago puncturing the necks of ladies,blood does slowly flow evidently the Count,his resting place Whitby Abbey 1000`s do attend each year, a gothic ceremony.
1st in contest. Paul beadnall for : Sponsor Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. Contest Name "CREATURES" of the Night! 27/8/11 Sponsor Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. Contest Name "MAY MAGIC" (ALL 1ST PLACE WINS)