Written by: jun-jun villanueva

========================================================== ~*~ "how I wish I never wake up again in this dream ..." eyes were shut clicking my heels numb frozen can't move glitter and lustre subjugated, seized by gloom no single light to envision no single color to perceive a blind world of murky existences a world of woe, chaos and evils a world of "TODAY" now, I open my eyes, the eyes of my frolicsome mind I manoeuvre over the atmospheric umbrella of reality abscond from humanly problems and queries flee from vast imperfections and life's stains and limits afraid to lose, yet I quit, tend to be a loser can't take it any longer I spread my wings flip it as possibly as I know and vagabond over what is possible as I witnessed a new kingdom a door of spectral hues of iridescence emerged from nowhere I enter and amazed of what I see my jaws dropped and eyes in bulge pictures of gaiety visualized in clear images reflections of the HIGHEST GOOD followed enticing, alluring, enchanting no words came out this is a realm of my powerful IMAGINATION'S LIMITLESS a realm where there's perfection realm where there's love, peace and freedom realm of equality and just kingdom a new world where there is a HAPPY ENDING a world together with Cinderella,Snow White and Sleeping Beauty a world of fairy tales a world sculpted by my "THIRD EYE" a world painted by my mind's "DYE". ~~~a FUTURISTIC REALM~~~ ~*~ =========================================================== jun-jun villanueva "CLOSE YOUR EYES AND CLICK YOUR HEELS" contest