It Rained Down Upon Me

Written by: melissa mesch

It rained down upon me
in ancient grace; 
lacing me in conscious life experience.
Gravity extracting the wet from my arms
lingering on my fingers
with gentle force.
The natural law ruled the motion; and
gratefully I was relieved of this persistent rememberence.
I am naked now and
of light.
Delicately freed from a thought-created blight.

I hear what the leaves and trees tell me;
as many reach strong in rooted courage.
Some roots are named Blame
and others
I hear the maples, oaks, and dogwoods whisper to me....
One said, "Trust in me."
Emperor of the forest,
I hear you clear,
and you, my love,
are not rooted in fear.
This one I climb when the rain comes down
draping me in conscious life experience.