Written by: Paul Beadnall

With every step you`ve taught me,this is my elaboration...

The motherly love,unique to all individuals
however,some not as fortunate as others.
Some born with silver spoons,to extreme empty rice bowls
love that portrays from your own,i do have a jewel.

A family of six, working the  majority of her life.
She being in her 74th year,active driving her car.
The thoughtfulness,caring for others,her nature that is
her everyday comodity,asking nothing in return.

Her humour,personality eclipes her wide knowledge.
Her home cooking,like when were kids,delicious as 
her sunday roast,still serving them today
i can`t tell you the extent of gratitude,but you know i love you.

Paul  Beadnall for:
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Contest Name Any Mother Poem*(Originally Give a Kiss Mommy)