Written by: Tina Heilig

I was born, learned how to laugh and learned how to cry Years have passed and I’ve moved on from that place And I can’t go back there, no matter how hard I try Changes, everything changes…even time and space Having learned my first steps, I couldn’t wait for school Collecting knowledge and experience along the way At sixteen I “knew’ it all and yet I was still just a fool Changes, everything changes…even this might one day School was yesterday and today is work from eight to five Thinking about now is gone, now I have to think ahead Economics, my family and what do I do with my life Changes, everything changes…even the ones I dread Some changes will be good and a lot may seem to be bad Nothing around here is the same since the day I met you Is it good, is it bad or will I always treasure what we had Changes, everything changes…even us and what we do There may come a day when we will despise each other Or we might not be able to go back to the love we shared Would we fight it or just give up and move on to another Changes, everything changes…even those that ones cared If everything in my life changes, that’s the way it should be You can change, I can change, and nothing stays this way My body and my heart can change, but I’m taking you with me Everything changes…even I love you more and more each day