Written by: FARRAH SINHA

               TO AND FROM

From Him to her:

I have seen a lot in life..
Times were good and bad..
Hard days and nights went the story..
Tough life was what I had..

Oh  God I thank you now..
I just don’t wish to die
I have a long life to go from here..
With my true love by my side..

From  Her to him:

The  road was long and weary..
You travelled day by day..
With sorrow in your pocket..
And no happy place to stay..


Now the sun is shining..
And sadness has long gone..
Someone loves you madly..
And will re-write your life’s song..


Smile and feel me dearly..
Beside you all the day..
Good days are back again..
And your true love’s here to stay.
Forever .