Letters to the editor

Written by: Leonard Taormina

I wonder still just what it is that motivates some people;
Is it a talent for illusion or is it perhaps a need to hide?
And it’s illustrated so well with so very many Hughes;
With a picture of ones fruits of labor held in a sieve and kept on the kitchen counter.
I ask you dear editor what say you to this;
Are there perhaps probable causes that causes one to persist with such mannerisms?
With coins tossed and collected and the curtain closed for the night;
Does not one shed their costume and remove the make up?
And the collector; he has left his card with its rendition of time as we know it;
Should we not make time-take time- use time?
Shouldn’t we acknowledge and thank the significant players involved?
Tell me please do I regress perhaps;
Do I waste words dwelling in matters already came and gone?
What say you dear editor I lack definition