Written by: Oluwatomisin Oyegoke

I went out, when it was very dark
To search the area for any toad
And there it was sitting there like a child in a park
Oblivious to the terrible cold
I must have seemed like a shark
As it slept, when suddenly I pounced
I kept it for just a day
But I know forever in my heart it will stay
Now because of me, no more will it play
In my own defense I have nothing to say
Because I know on all accounts 
I am so very guilty
Of that beautiful toads death
I sat there by myself, in peace as I am known
Behind a rock, I now know as my own
Then suddenly I found myself captured
I could see the outside world but my movements restricted
For such a long while I was thus encumbered
It was such a sorry day and I was so scared
Then suddenly I felt a blow, terrible pain
The human was guilty!