Mi Novia

Written by: sushant rijal

Vanished are sleeps and obsessed thoughts
So I look for your signs, until horizon falls
Pondered into nostalgia, in the search of you
Am I ruined or have been renewed

Craving for your feelings and touch your soul,
Boundaries and self restrains, and limit we cross
You let me swim, into depth of your eyes
And caress myself, by your cozy sighs
Permit me, to lost into you silky hairs
And let myself wipe, tears off your face
Oh “Mi Novia”!!! Don’t misunderstand
This is a love, not just a lust

Whisper on my ears, your cozy secrets
And touch my hands, being affectionate
Touch my heart, my soul and everything
And then we travel, far into tranquility
My desires aren’t guilty, if it seems
Feel my emotions, to find my guilt
Until the dawn, cling to my heart
And we bond long and never depart
Te amo Novia !!! Novia,Oh ”Mi Novia”!!!