Written by: Subhabrata Ghosh Chowdhury

I am what I am,
I am not what you think I am.
But many say that I’m different from what they expected.
It is these expectations that make people think.
People say,”Your mind is filled with germs”, I say “I live on my terms”.
These expectations gives rise to the great depression which stops the freedom of expression.

To expect is fair enough, expecting more is to dare enough where eagles not even dare.
The very thought strikes me when people roars like lions of the concrete jungles,
To vanquish me they are ready with their pointed words which does hit me, but leaves me soon. 
Since if you don’t pay heed to these, they won’t even think of striking you.

I say it is greed, creed and need which makes one expect, 
As a result one forgets to show their loved ones the much needed respect.

This is the world of expectations, 
Where expecting a expectation to occur according to one’s expectations,
Is like expecting a unique expectation which when triggered gives rise to an expectation which one hasn’t expected.