Written by: Arcene Janvier

I heed and follow step by step
and hope each lesson I don't forget
So that when my time come I will shine
when I enter Heaven, domain of most sublime

Watching, treading carefully with each step
eyes fixed, dare I bLink and miss with regret
CoLors, in many, I paint of life
evergreen pasture smiLes in darkest strife 

Beware of oafs who gloat of others
and those who mark the fLesh of martyrs
Fear not the names they label thee
for all will meet fate the day all fLee

Neither lust after carnal mortal sin
lest you lose yourself and the devil win
TriaLs come in forms of shadows pLenty
even a best friend will sell his souL for a penny

KneeL for thine souL to save
bow humbly, yet still stand brave
Raise not a fist at brethren in dare
Remain with love in heart and passive care

Help the poor who are in need
learn to give without taking in greed
See cLear of God's wondrous bountiful land
obey the Universal Laws of His Command

Pray for thyself, as well as all humanity
and light a candLe with true humility
Ask forgiveness, but aLso forgive
Leave good trend, the path you live

I watch and listen, before I speak
bite wrath of lip, and pain I keep
For my Lord shall come and lift me high
unto my homeland of beauty and peaee in the sky