Rivers Run Quiet

Written by: James Chenevert

Did you ever listen to the flow of the river?
Water running to a destination far away.
The current swishes and swashes,
pounding against the way-laid rocks.
White caps riding the rapids,
some so huge they seem to scare the
animals on the shore.
Others, not so wild, serenity seems the more.
Trees float on by, discarded by nature's trend.
Here and there, a dam erected by the 
rivers friend, the otter.
Ah, but so pretty,
the colors, green, black, sometimes blue.
The banks eroding, making room for re-birth.
A subtle echo of life in the wild,
a chosen path of water,
changing man's little earth.
Listen to the sound, hear the silence.
Try to listen to its sound, a river that runs quiet.