who owns your grave

Written by: DON JOHNSON

Who owns your grave in Brisbane?

Who signs for internment of body to ground
With undertaker becomes the owner
Though someone else owns the grave
He or she are not the owner?

A friend of mine buried her hubby 
in a triple deep grave  and then
Discovered she’d have to ask the son in law 
To go to her only grave, just when?

So you are in the nursing home
And then you’re buried by them
You probably paid for the plot they bought
When strangers to God they send

So auntie is in the ground over there
With her are Arthur and Rick?
Burial sites with spare plots in the ground
Old auntie don’t want em one bit

Don Johnson

This old lady had to threaten to go public about the fact she paid but didn't,
have her own  grave, that the son in law owned it and had bought the next 3 deep one
alongside it, now had graves for 5 ...  but he signed hers back :)poor fellow him...